Scents Everyone Can Wear

Scents Everyone Can Wear

Embark on a fragrant journey with scents that transcend boundaries. This article unveils a curated collection of globally liked fragrances for men, women, and those embracing the allure of unisex scents. Discover aromatic wonders that resonate universally, with scents everyone can wear.

For Men:

Say Less Sav- Inspired by Sauvage

Inspired by the iconic Sauvage, Say Less Sav is a captivating blend that layers sensuality, intrigue, and depth into an enigmatic fragrance. Beginning with woody undertones and the smoky allure of Papua New Guinean vanilla, it takes you on an aromatic journey enhanced by spicy nuances for added zest and vigour. Beyond being a scent, Say Less Sav vividly portrays nature's contrasts, capturing the mesmerising allure of a twilight desert juxtaposed with the refreshing coolness of the ensuing night—an experience designed for those who appreciate life's myriad shades.

Earthly Elixer – Inspired by D’Hermes

Discover Earthly Elixir, a fragrance echoing the mystique of de Hermès, a symphony of nature's elements. Celebrating the alchemy of raw materials, it weaves woody, vegetal, and mineral accents, where citrus fruits invigorate, pepper adds fiery notes, and flint provides an elemental foundation. More than a fragrance, Earthly Elixir is an olfactory journey, capturing the essence of the world beneath our feet—an invitation to immerse yourself in nature's enchantment.

Verdant Veil – Inspired by Grey Vetiver

Verdant Veil, an ode to Grey Vetiver, epitomises the essence of a modern gentleman with a taste for sophistication. Centred around the majestic note of vetiver, this fragrance harmoniously combines earthy tones reminiscent of a lush forest floor with radiant sun-kissed citrus, offering a vibrant and invigorating allure. Infused with exotic spices and mature woods, Verdant Veil captures mystery and depth and leaves an enduring legacy, transforming every moment into a memory and making it more than a fragrance—an experience, a statement of refined masculinity.

Japanese Spring – Inspired by L'Eau d'Issey

Discover Japanese Spring, a fragrance that seamlessly blends the classic allure of Issey Miyake with its distinctive contemporary identity. Echoing the timeless charm of L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme, its oil-based composition intricately captures the essence of its inspiration. Crafted with precision and premium ingredients, this fragrance lingers, offering an enticing story of vibrant yuzu, zesty tangerine, aquatic water lily, and warm, spicy undertones, culminating in tobacco, vetiver, and sandalwood.

For Women:

Meadow’s Whisper – Inspired by Daisy

Inspired by Daisy, Meadow's Whisper unfolds with the sunlit aroma of wild strawberries reminiscent of warm summer mornings. The heart, a bouquet of white flowers featuring creamy gardenia and airy jasmine, paints a lush meadow scene. Anchored by earthy birch and cedar, this fragrance is a simple yet profound ode to nature, evoking the serenity of a blossoming meadow and providing a comforting embrace of soft petals and gentle rustling leaves.

CEO’s Wife – Inspired by Black Opium

CEO's Wife is a seamless blend of power and elegance, paying homage to the magnetic allure of Black Opium. The sophisticated tapestry features rich black coffee and creamy vanilla, interwoven with ethereal white flowers and zesty orange blossom for a luminescent contrast. Anchored by earthy patchouli and white musk, this fragrance is a bold statement of confidence and irresistibly chic allure—an embodiment of power and sophistication.

Explosion Women – Inspired by Flowerbomb

Explosion Women is an olfactory celebration inspired by Flowerbomb, bursting onto the scene with effervescent tea, radiant bergamot, and delicate freesia in its oil-based essence. Delving deeper, a floral heart of sambac jasmine, exotic cattleya orchid, and centifolia rose unfolds, embraced by the earthy notes of amber and patchouli. More than a floral scent, it's a symphony, delivering ethereal lightness and profound depth to captivate your senses and ignite your spirit.

Parisian Charm – Inspired by Mademoiselle

Parisian Charm offers an aromatic journey reminiscent of Mademoiselle's timeless allure—a masterclass in irresistible floral magnetism. Centred around the delicate dance of jasmine and rose, it evokes the grace of a Parisian soirée, gracefully transitioning into profound oriental undertones and warm woody notes. This oil-based elixir embodies luxury and poise with a timeless class and distinction.


Tempting Orchid – Inspired by Black Orchid

Inspired by Black Orchid, Tempting Orchid is an opulent fragrance that makes a powerful statement of sophistication and self-assuredness. The deep allure of black orchids blends with warming spices, followed by a soft embrace of creamy vanilla and grounding sandalwood, creating an experiential scent evoking luxurious elegance. More than just a fragrance, it's about asserting a presence—contemporary yet timeless, destined to be a cherished staple in any collection, inviting you to dive into its depths and be the centre of attention wherever you go.

Attraction 01 – Inspired by Molecule 01

Introducing Attraction 01, a fragrance inspired by Molecule 01, crafted for confident individuals seeking a personal olfactive experience that blends harmoniously with their unique pheromones. This enchanting scent creates an intimate allure perceptible to others, inviting them to come closer and bask in the gentle, enticing fragrance. More than a fragrance, Attraction 01 is a silent, potent expression of your unique allure, leaving a lingering trace of your essence wherever you go, making every encounter a personal signature and every wearing an exploration of your unforgettable allure.

Bohemian Spirit – Inspired by Gypsy Water

Experience the magic of a gypsy lifestyle with Bohemian Spirit, a captivating scent inspired by Gypsy Water that blends woody pine needle and sandalwood, invoking exhilarating nights in the forest. Enhanced by smooth amber notes and fresh citrus, this one-of-a-kind aroma honours diverse cultures, encouraging you to explore life to the fullest, just like nomads of the past.

Sweet 33 – Inspired by Santal 33

Introducing Sweet 33, inspired by Santal 33, this fragrance encapsulates the evocative essence of crackling firesides and expansive Wild West landscapes. Designed for both men and women, it harmoniously blends cardamom, iris, and violet with Australian sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood, and ambrox, creating a leathery, musky, and unforgettable scent. Sweet 33 is more than a perfume; it's an olfactory tapestry telling tales of adventure, nostalgia, and warmth, inviting you to make it your signature scent and immerse yourself in its captivating embrace.


In a world rich with diverse aromas, finding a scent that universally captivates is a testament to the power of fragrance. Embrace the beauty of global allure with scents that effortlessly transcend gender and geographical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on senses everywhere. With scents for men, women and those embracing unisex appeal, our curated collection of ‘scents everyone can wear’ has something for everyone, and at fantastic prices, why not give one a go today?

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