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Ombre 10:10 - Inspired by Ombre Nomade

Ombre 10:10 - Inspired by Ombre Nomade

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Journey to the Desert's Heart
Imagine the vast, enigmatic landscapes of the desert - the sweeping dunes, the blazing sun, and the nights that come alive with a thousand stars. Our Ombre 10:10 is crafted to transport you to these very landscapes, capturing the spirit and essence of the mesmerising desert. Taking inspiration from the much-acclaimed Ombre 10;10, this fragrance paints a vivid picture of a nomadic journey across desert sands.

Woody Delight with Berried Heart
While the woody core defines its robustness, the fragrance doesn't allow these notes to stand alone. The heart reveals a surprising yet delightful duo of raspberry and frankincense. The sweet tartness of raspberry provides a playful juxtaposition to the deep, resinous tones of frankincense, conjuring an olfactory dance between light and shadow.

An Aromatic Masterpiece
The sophisticated dance of aromas is further enriched with the boldness of oud and the sweet warmth of benzoin. Together, these notes create a harmonious blend, resulting in a fragrance that is simultaneously deep, resonating, and utterly pleasing to the senses.

Our Signature Promise
Ombre 10:10 isn't just another fragrance in our collection - it stands out as our top seller. Its strength is undeniable, promising an enduring presence that lasts from sunrise to long past sunset. One application, and the fragrance lingers, making its presence felt, ensuring you're remembered wherever you wander. Such is its allure that it never fails to garner compliments, reminiscent of those given to the world's top designers.

Ombre 10:10 - A Symphony of Aromas
Every spritz of Ombre 10:10 is a ticket to a mesmerizing journey, a story waiting to be told, a mystery waiting to be unravelled. For the bold, the adventurous, and the ones with tales to tell - this is the fragrance that matches your spirit. Indulge in its depth, revel in its pleasantness, and let the world be enchanted by your mysterious aura.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Absolutely love this! Been buying this for years now and it is such high quality and long lasting!

Una Vita london
Must have

I’m onto my second bottle, so many compliments on my perfume when I wear this scent

Stephen Tattam
Mr Stephen Tattam

Excellent fragrance and awesome service

Superb quality

Really good product. Sticks really well and lasts