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Royalti Oud Gold - Inspired by Oud Gold

Royalti Oud Gold - Inspired by Oud Gold

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Introducing Royalti Oud Gold, a celebratory perfume that elegantly captures the 40-year legacy of Arabian Oud in a bottle. Crafted to exude splendour and grace, this fragrance encapsulates the rhythm of vitality, marked by a rich blend of rare essences and complex notes.

The intoxicating aroma of Royalti Oud Gold unravels in a delicate symphony, starting with the ethereal blend of Cardamom and Fruit Notes at the top. This vibrant start gives way to the heart, which echoes with the exotic fusion of Pineapple Blossom, Jasmine, and the sweet richness of Tonka Bean, forming an intriguing tapestry of floral and gourmand elements.

The scent journey concludes with the sensual allure of Vanilla and the earthy undertones of Patchouli. Together, they give this exclusive fragrance a comforting warmth and depth that elegantly lingers, signifying the perfect harmony of freshness and gourmand indulgence.

Royalti Oud Gold is more than just a perfume - it's an aromatic soiree of elegance and legacy, an embodiment of Arabian Oud's rich heritage and commitment to excellence. It's a scent that doesn't just decorate your skin, but also adorns your presence with an aura of regality, making it an essential addition to any perfume connoisseur's collection

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