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Astral Trace - Inspired by Meterore

Astral Trace - Inspired by Meterore

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Introducing Astral Trace, a celestial perfume that embodies a harmonious fusion of potent allure and radiant luminosity. A scent designed to enchant and captivate, much like the dazzling nebulae that spark human curiosity and fascination.

Meticulously curated, Astral Trace encapsulates invigorating energy, with Sicilian Mandarin as the star ingredient. This superior-quality component infuses the heart of the perfume with a buoyant freshness that creates an ethereal resonance when it meets the spicy triad of Black, Pink, and Sichuan Peppers.

Anchoring this celestial journey is the signature note of Java Vetiver. It unveils its noblest facets, blending fresh, earthy, and amber tones, thereby amplifying the scent's enchantment. As it elegantly balances the elements of the earth and the cosmos, Astral Trace carves out an aura of modern sophistication with no boundaries.

The top notes of Astral Trace feature an invigorating blend of Italian Mandarin, Tunisian Neroli, and Italian Bergamot. As you delve into the heart, you are greeted by a dance of peppers – Black Pepper, Pink Pepper from Reunion, and Sichuan Pepper, a trio that gives the fragrance a pulsating vibrancy. Finally, the scent trails off with the sophisticated allure of Java Vetiver.

Astral Trace is more than just a perfume. It is an astronomical spectacle, a sensory exploration of the universe that embodies the spirit of adventure and the grace of nature, leaving an astral trace of your presence wherever you go.

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