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Cosmic Angel - Inspired by Angel Nova

Cosmic Angel - Inspired by Angel Nova

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Immerse yourself in a universe of daring dreams and boundless creativity with Cosmic Angel. This unique perfume is dedicated to women who dare to dream, to shape their destiny, and to bring their visions to life. Cosmic Angel is a testament to their boldness, their drive, and their transformation into beings of radiant beauty. 

Cosmic Angel encapsulates the spirit of renewal, imagination, and the audacious spirit of women who conquer the cosmos of their dreams. The Cosmic Angel woman is dynamic; she transcends reality and blossoms into the essence of her dreams.

This Eau de Parfum is a captivating blend of fruity, floral, and woody notes that creates an olfactory journey as inspiring and boundless as the cosmos.

The journey begins with an overdose of raspberry, vibrant and vivid, infusing life and colour into the fragrance. This delightful note is tinged with the sweetness of lychee, creating an irresistible fruity addiction. It's a radiant beginning that blushes with pleasure and radiates with the vibrant energy of a cosmic nebula.

Cosmic Angel showcases the sublime marriage of nature and innovation. The Damascena rose, a symbol of pure femininity, is accentuated by a double extraction process. This technique results in an intoxicating natural rose note that intertwines with a supernatural rose note.

Finally, the perfume reveals a strong woody structure that provides a striking contrast and character. The vibrant notes of Akigalawood blend seamlessly with Benzoin. This combination is enveloping and captivating, providing a sense of power and presence to the perfume, much like the strength of a cosmic entity.

Embark on a journey through the cosmos with Cosmic Angel, a fragrance that captures the daring spirit, the radiant beauty, and the limitless dreams of the women who wear it.

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