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Dark Night - Inspired by Au Hazard

Dark Night - Inspired by Au Hazard

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Dive into the enigmatic allure of Dark Night, an olfactory masterpiece that challenges convention and embarks on a journey towards the unexplored. 

Dark Night is anchored in the deep, enchanting warmth of exceptional sandalwood, a central note that ventures into the abyss of the unknown. This captivating, milky wood serves as the backdrop to a mysterious interplay of elements. Infused into this are the remarkable notes of ambrette seed, beginning with the intoxicating allure of pear liqueur, gradually transitioning into the comfort of cottony musk.

A twist of cardamom adds a disruptive, spicy variation to the composition, providing a surprising element that further intensifies the scent's complexity. Dark Night goes against the grain of traditional woody fragrances, embodying an unconventional sensitivity that makes it truly unique, a totemic perfume that defies norms and embraces unpredictability.

Embark on the mesmerising journey of Dark Night,and experience the nocturnal, the enigmatic, the unexpected - encapsulated in this singular perfume.

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