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Majestic Oud - Inspired by Oud Ispahan

Majestic Oud - Inspired by Oud Ispahan

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Dive into the heart of the orient with "Majestic Oud", an emblematic tribute to the traditional and precious Oud wood. Drawing inspiration from the renowned "Oud Ispahan", our fragrance paints a picture of a mysterious and enchanting East.

The Prologue - The Exotic East
The initial whiff is a powerful manifestation of the aged oud, presenting a raw, woody aroma that has tales of ancient forests and mystical Eastern landscapes woven into it. This distinctive aroma is enhanced with a sprinkle of spices that stirs the senses, transporting you to bustling bazaars and age-old spice routes.

The Heart - A Bed of Roses
Amidst the robustness of the oud, emerges the tenderness of the Damascus rose. This floral heart is a portrayal of love, grace, and elegance. It's like a serene oasis amidst the desert, providing a much-needed balance to the strong backdrop, akin to the soft notes of a love ballad amidst an epic tale of adventure.

The Finale - A Delicate Embrace
As the journey concludes, the deep strength of the oud seamlessly intertwines with the fragility of the rose. This combination evokes a sense of harmony, tranquillity, and elegance, presenting a juxtaposition that’s both powerful and poignant.

The Spirit of Adventure
"Majestic Oud" is not just a perfume. It encapsulates the spirit of a wandering soul, an adventurer seeking tales untold. It's for the modern-day traveller who, while anchored in the present, yearns for the allure of ancient traditions and far-off lands. Whether you're amidst the skyscrapers of the urban jungle or the dunes of the Sahara, a spritz of "Majestic Oud" promises to take you on an olfactory voyage like no other.

Let every drop remind you of vast landscapes, historic caravanserais, and age-old traditions. Embrace the majesty!

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