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Dream Weaver - Inspired by Attrape-Reves

Dream Weaver - Inspired by Attrape-Reves

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Introducing Dream Weaver, a perfume as light and enchanting as a mystical journey floating between fantasy and reality. It's a scent that mirrors the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights, materializing unexpectedly to paint the night sky with its cosmic dance.

Dream Weaver is the olfactory manifestation of such enchanting phenomena, forever etched into the memory of every exploratory odyssey. Drawing inspiration from these surreal experiences, a fragrance that trails like a cascade of falling stars.

At the heart of Dream Weaver, the luscious raw cocoa powder whirls with a bouquet of peonies, evoking an otherworldly allure. A captivating patchouli heart then takes centre stage, enhanced by the fresh, vibrant notes of litchi.

The fragrance opens with an effervescent blend of Ginger and Bergamot, leading you to the enchanting mid-notes of a Peony accord and Litchi accord. The climax of the scent is the intriguing fusion of Cocoa and Patchouli heart, wrapped with the tender touch of Turkish Rose absolute.

Dream Weaver is more than a perfume. It's a celestial sojourn that awakens your senses to the wonders of the universe. Let it guide you through the stars, weaving dreams into the fabric of reality, and capturing your spirit in its mesmerising allure.

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