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Eternal Craving - Inspired by Addict

Eternal Craving - Inspired by Addict

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Introducing Eternal Craving, a perfume for women who yearn for an unforgettable aura of sophistication and sensuality. This alluring scent entwines you in a passionate dance of captivating aromas from the first moment.

Eternal Craving begins its sensory symphony with fresh and captivating top notes. Mandarin Leaf and Tunisian Orange Blossom intertwine, creating a vibrant and intense opening that sparks an intriguing allure. As the curtain lifts, the powerful heart note of Jasmine Sambac Absolute takes centre stage. It blossoms exquisitely, resonating soft femininity and tantalising sensuality, reminiscent of a timeless love story.

As the fragrance gently evolves, you are drawn to its base, radiating the deep and exquisite warmth of Bourbon Vanilla. This soft and seductive trail lingers, illuminating your presence with a subtle, mesmerising light.

Eternal Craving is full, yet not opulent, charming without being overly demonstrative - an immediate statement of your allure. Bitter orange blossoms are delicately extracted to obtain our Orange Blossom Absolute, while Essence of Neroli Blossom is carefully distilled, weaving their magic into this amber fragrance. Together, they bring out the certain fruity notes, creating an intoxicating blend that complements the floral heart.

Eternal Craving is more than a perfume; it is a testament to your enduring elegance, a whisper of mystery, a promise of an intriguing journey, one spray at a time.

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