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Barkad Oud - Inspired by G. Oud

Barkad Oud - Inspired by G. Oud

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Dive into the enigmatic allure of Barkad Oud, masterfully inspired by the distinguished G. Oud. This fragrance seamlessly weaves the bright and succulent notes of pear and raspberry with the exotic richness of saffron. At its heart, the timeless elegance of Bulgarian rose melds with the luminous charm of orange flower, painting a scent portrait that's both sophisticated and mesmerising. Anchored by the profound depth of natural oud oil and the earthy undertones of patchouli, Barkad Oud promises a lasting impression. A fragrance that not only captivates the senses but also offers exceptional value, it's the perfect choice for aficionados of deep, resonant perfumes. Discover Barkad Oud - a symphony of tradition and modernity.

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