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Barkad Oud Intense - Inspired by G. Oud Intense

Barkad Oud Intense - Inspired by G. Oud Intense

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Experience the profound allure of Barkad Oud Intense, taking inspiration from the esteemed G. Oud Intense. This fragrance isn't just intense, it exudes a luxurious richness, reminiscent of the grandeur of the East. Delicate notes of saffron, pear, and raspberry harmoniously intertwine with the timeless essence of Bulgarian rose and the radiant glow of orange flower. The result is a masterful oil-based concoction that lingers tantalisingly on the skin. For those with a penchant for fragrances that epitomise both opulence and intensity, Barkad Oud Intense promises an olfactory journey like no other. Dive deep into an aroma that's as memorable as it is captivating.

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