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Baker's Dozen - Inspired by Another 13

Baker's Dozen - Inspired by Another 13

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Introducing Bakers Dozen: A Symphony of Scents

Enter a world of refined elegance and unyielding charm with Bakers Dozen, a perfume inspired by the modern classic, Another 13. Bakers Dozen gracefully weaves the delicate notes of ambroxan, moss, ambrette seeds, and jasmine, crafting a scent symphony that speaks to the soul.

A Whisper of Chic Spiciness and Warmth

Bakers Dozen sets itself apart with its chic spiciness intertwined with a warm embrace. The fragrance blooms, revealing layers of rich and multifaceted aromas. As a whispering breeze in a verdant meadow, it softly touches the senses, leaving an entrancing trail that gently tugs at the memory.

A Harmonious Dance of Notes

Experience a harmonious dance of bold, bright woody hints enriched with dramatic fruitiness and a bouquet of earthy florals. The masterful blend creates a balance, making it a perfect choice for everyone, every moment. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic allure of ambrette seeds, as it mingles with the resounding richness of moss, leading you on a journey through the paths of olfactory bliss.

Timeless Elegance for Everyone, Anytime

Bakers Dozen embodies timeless elegance, transcending moments, and seasons. It's more than just a perfume; it’s an extension of your personality, a silent sonnet of your unique story. Every note is a word, every scent a verse, coming together to narrate a tale of beauty, strength, and mystery.

Embrace the delicate warmth of Bakers Dozen, and let it unveil the path to your own fragrant adventure. A fragrance that whispers elegance, a scent that echoes your voice. Bakers Dozen, where every note tells your story.

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Una vita London

You would never be able to tell this isn’t the real deal. Love the scent so much.