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Barkad for Her - Inspired by G.Guilty Women

Barkad for Her - Inspired by G.Guilty Women

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Barkad for Her: Inspired by the iconic G.Guilty Women, Barkad for Her is a captivating elixir crafted for the contemporary woman. Immerse yourself in its luxurious blend, where fresh lilac petals dance amidst zesty citrus whirls, creating an opening that's both vibrant and enchanting. The journey continues into a heart of earthy patchouli harmoniously melded with warm amber, creating a scent that is both comforting and seductive. Perfect for women across spectrums, Barkad for Her is the essence of grace, beauty, and confidence. Whether you wear it to make a statement or gift it to someone special, you're not just sharing a perfume—you're sharing a sensation. Dive into a world of allure and elegance with Barkad for Her. The envy of the crowd awaits.

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