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Velvety Oud - Inspired by Rose Oudh

Velvety Oud - Inspired by Rose Oudh

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Velvety Oud draws its magnificent inspiration from Jo Malone's iconic Rose & Oud. Every spritz evokes an olfactory journey that intertwines the romanticism of the British countryside with the mystique of the Middle Eastern desert. The heart of this fragrance lies in its damask rose. Not just any rose, but one that is full-bodied and deep, singing tales of ancient romances and moonlit dances.

Accenting this sweet floral depth is the intriguing smoky oud. A scent that has traveled through centuries and cultures, oud adds an air of sophistication and mystery. The addition of cloves provides a gentle spice, a warmth that's reminiscent of vintage drawing rooms and whispered secrets.

But the piece de resistance is undoubtedly the notes of praline. This delicate hint of sweetness brings an unexpected twist, making Velvety Oud an opulent treat for the senses. Enveloping the wearer in a cocoon of luxury, it's reminiscent of silken fabrics, rich tapestries, and regal celebrations.

Furthermore, its oil-based formulation ensures that its beauty lingers, making your presence unforgettable. With Velvety Oud, experience a scent that's as timeless as it is contemporary; an ode to elegance and passion.

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