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Oriental Oud - Inspired by Kalemat Oud

Oriental Oud - Inspired by Kalemat Oud

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Discover Oriental Oud, an exquisite fragrance that captures the beauty of a perfect moment. Created from pink musk grapes flowers and star anise flowers, this scent is reminiscent of dreamy gardens, honey and amber. Blended with mahogany wood, rosemary flower and cashmere wood, it has a complexity and depth that appeals to those who want something special and unique. This lovely combination is sure to become your next favourite scent, lasting long after its subtle release into the air. It’s a gift you can give yourself or someone else to commemorate beautiful memories—or simply because you want both of you to feel glamorous! With notes of tilapia amber, musk and honey, you won’t be able to deny your attraction to this beautiful fragrance. Try Oriental Oud today for a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that will have you mesmerised from start to finish.

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