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King of Ouds - Inspired by Oud Save The King

King of Ouds - Inspired by Oud Save The King

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Introducing King of Ouds, a fragrance that is a majestic ode to love, luxury, and heritage, inspired by the opulent Oud Save The King. This scent is not just a perfume; it's a narrative of a passionate, forbidden love story that transcended continents and cultures.

A Royal Blend of Aromas:

  • Distinctive Tea Notes: The fragrance opens with the refined and distinctive aroma of Earl Grey tea, a nod to the Prince's affection for British culture and a tribute to Mabel's favourite tea. This unique opening sets a royal and elegant stage for the olfactory journey.
  • Rich and Leathery Accents: Progressing into the heart of the fragrance, the rich, leathery tones of Suede accord emerge, embodying the fusion of Eastern opulence and Western glamour that defined their love story.
  • Exotic and Majestic Base: True to his Egyptian roots, the base of the fragrance is deeply anchored in the sensuous, alluring notes of Sandalwood and Musky Oud. This combination creates a sophisticated and majestic aura, reminiscent of ancient royal courts.

A Fragrance Fit for Royalty: King of Ouds is more than a perfume – it's a symbol of a love that was as grand as it was unconventional. It represents a bridge between two worlds, capturing the essence of a prince who was as much at home in the grandeur of British high society as in the exotic richness of his Egyptian heritage.

For the Modern Monarch: Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, King of Ouds is perfect for anyone who wants to embody a sense of regality and sophistication in their everyday life. Whether you're commanding a boardroom or attending a gala, this fragrance will ensure you leave a lasting impression of elegance and majesty.

Embrace the royal essence and the compelling story of love and heritage with King of Ouds – a fragrance that crowns you in splendour.

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