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Moonlight 18k - Inspired by Decedance

Moonlight 18k - Inspired by Decedance

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We're excited to introduce – Moonlight 18k, a perfume that captures the mystical allure of the moonlight and the gleam of precious gold. 

Moonlight 18k is a love letter to the bold, independent woman who sets her own path. It opens with sultry top notes that seduce the senses. Succulent Italian plum, luxuriously enrobed in golden saffron and velvety iris flower, offers an intoxicating introduction that is as tantalising as a moonlit rendezvous.

As the fragrance unfolds, it blossoms into a heart filled with lavish florals, evoking an extravagant bouquet. Bulgarian roses, symbolic of timeless beauty and passion, mingle with creamy jasmine, creating an intoxicating burst of scent that reflects the sparkling moonlight against the night sky.

The perfume finds its resolution in a base of warm, heady woods and the sensual allure of liquid amber. This opulent finish leaves a mesmerising trail and an unforgettable impression, much like the lasting impact of a moonlit night etched in memory.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Moonlight 18k, a fragrance that intertwines the mystery of a moonlit night with the luxurious gleam of 18-karat gold. Experience the seduction, elegance, and intoxicating allure of Moonlight 18k.

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