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Soft Oud Tapestry - Inspired by Oud Silk Mood

Soft Oud Tapestry - Inspired by Oud Silk Mood

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Introducing 'Soft Oud Tapestry', a fragrance meticulously crafted as an ode to the esteemed 'Oud Silk Mood'. Drawing from the very essence of that silky allure, our perfume invites you on an olfactory journey that strikes the perfect balance between longevity and vibrancy, being oil-based in nature.

At the heart of this scent lies the prized oud sourced from Laos, a gem in the world of fragrances, known for its unparalleled authenticity and rarity. Woven into this central theme are the gentle yet radiant notes of rose absolute and the invigorating freshness of bergamot. Together, they craft a fragrance narrative that dances gracefully at the crossroads of the East and West.

With 'Soft Oud Tapestry', you don't just wear a scent; you drape yourself in a fragrant story, one that bridges cultures, eras, and emotions. Wrap yourself in this exquisite blend, and let its harmonious notes sing on your skin, painting an aromatic tapestry of allure and elegance.

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