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Wild Designer - Inspired by Le Male

Wild Designer - Inspired by Le Male

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Journey into a realm where audacity and elegance converge, with Wild Designer, a fragrance that draws inspiration from the unparalleled Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male. Every note has been meticulously crafted to recreate the mesmerising allure of this iconic perfume while providing a fresh twist that distinguishes it as a unique olfactory experience.

At the very forefront, a crisp waft of mint invigorates the senses, reminiscent of a brisk morning breeze dancing over a field of dew-kissed greenery. Yet, this refreshing mintiness is beautifully tempered and never overpowers; it's softened by the warm embrace of calming lavender, evoking timeless charm and sophistication. As the fragrance continues to unfold, the sweet and spicy symphony of cinnamon delicately intermingles with the sensuous depth of cumin. This harmonious blend creates an aromatic tapestry, weaving together the freshness of nature with the comforting warmth of a fireside evening.

Wild Designer is more than just a perfume; it is an ode to the modern man who appreciates the classics but isn't afraid to pave his own path. The bottle encapsulates a dynamic balance between the invigorating and the tranquil, promising a scent experience that's both invigorating and deeply comforting. Each spritz is an invitation to embrace the wild designer within, blending the boundaries of tradition and contemporary charm. Indulge in a fragrance journey that is unapologetically bold, yet undeniably refined.

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