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Thorned of Elegance - Inspired by Rose Prick

Thorned of Elegance - Inspired by Rose Prick

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Dive into a poetic garden with 'Thorned of Elegance', a fragrance inspired by the iconic Rose Prick. Much like its muse, this scent is a mesmerizing dance between the audacity of thorns and the delicate beauty of roses, offering an olfactory experience that's both intriguing and seductive.

The journey commences with the electrifying and exotic aroma of Sichuan pepper, immediately captivating the senses. This spicy beginning then marries the creamy warmth of tonka beans and the earthy depth of patchouli. But the heart of this fragrance is where its essence truly blossoms.

At its core, a lavish bouquet of the finest roses awaits. May rose, with its sweet and honeyed character, mingles seamlessly with the rich and velvety aroma of Bulgarian rose. Turkish rose, known for its tantalizing spicy and fruity undertones, brings a touch of the exotic, painting a vivid picture of a garden in full bloom.

'Thorned of Elegance' is not just a fragrance—it's a love letter to the multifaceted beauty of the rose, embodying its elegance, allure, and timeless charm. And with its long-lasting formulation, this scent lingers, reminding you of that entrancing garden long after the sun has set. Wear it and let the world revel in your sophisticated aura. It's more than just a perfume; it's a statement of grace and grandeur.
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