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Spice Explosion - Inspired by Spicebomb

Spice Explosion - Inspired by Spicebomb

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Unleash a sensory spectacle with 'Spice Explosion', our captivating tribute to the renowned 'Spicebomb'. Harnessing the longevity and depth of an oil-based composition, this fragrance is every bit as vibrant and unforgettable as its muse.

Dive into a rousing medley that's grounded in the woody allure of pine, sandalwood, and vetiver, further enriched by the resinous charm of fir balsam, the rich warmth of tobacco accord, and the sleek elegance of white leather accord. The heart of 'Spice Explosion' beats with aromatic grace, featuring notes of calming lavender, fiery pimento berries, exotic saffron, resplendent elemi, and a kick of pink pepper.

However, it's the zesty opening that sets the stage, presenting a refreshing trio of sparkling bergamot, invigorating grapefruit, and the sweet, slightly spicy undertones of cinnamon leaf.

With 'Spice Explosion', you're not just wearing a fragrance; you're strapping on an olfactory spectacle that's as exhilarating as a fireworks display on a starlit night. Dive into this explosion of scents, and let every spritz redefine your essence.
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